The one word I've never enjoyed hearing


So you’ve gotten a few no’s, not interested, or simply no response and in some instances this feels like your wold is crumbling right before your eyes. You sigh and ask yourself “what now?” The one thing you’ve gone after, asked for or think you wanted , you can’t have…at least right now leaving you disappointed and discombobulated.

Rejection is a natural never-ending phase of life whether its in the form of a job, program, or love. Its real and it hurts but its not the end all be all.

how do I know ?

I’ve danced with rejection plenty of times and each time I think I have conquered him and removed him out of my life he seems to show up.

Who knew that one tiny word could hold so much power and evoke so much fear. I remember being so afraid of the word no that I would shy away from asking for what I really wanted because I couldn’t handle rejection . I thought that if I rejected possible rejection or just avoided it I would be better off. But I was wrong. This way of being can become a handicap which causes you to settle and aspire for less than what you deserve. 

Acting and auditioning for roles and not getting everything I auditioned for really changed the way I viewed and accepted the word NO. It came with the territory. I really had to learn how to not take it personal. The best advice I was given was do your best, and move on to the next thing. However, when it comes to love, no isn’t always the easiest to brush off. I mean lets be honest we’ve all been on both sides of the pendulum when it comes to this type of rejection. This is the type that leaves you wondering if you were good enough, or just out of your league. Over time i’ve learned that God uses rejection as protection, re direction or to simply show us that sometimes we aren’t quite prepared for what we are asking or reaching for.

There are two things you can do when rejection comes knocking uninvited.

1. dwell on the actual no and reasons why you may or may not be good enough or

2. you can turn each no into an opportunity to do better, reset, re evaluate and try again.

So remember when faced with a little rejection embrace it with open arms and then send it on its way. Because long term the fear of rejection will hurt you way worst than the initial NO.

It only takes one yes to change your life.